Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 Word Story Bracelet Class

Wear your 2 word story in beads on your wrist! If you do not know what a 2 word story is, go to 2wordstory.com. Making and wearing a bracelet will be a great way to remind yourself of your happy ending and to encourage opportunities to tell your story.

In class, you will choose your own beads and string them into a custom designed bracelet. Instruction will be given on design tips and stringing and crimping. You will love how easy it is to create this bracelet.

2 Word Story Bracelet Class
Monday, June 13, 6:30 pm
Calvary Baptist Church, Canton,  Room 401

Cost: $18 per bracelet

Pre-registration is necessary to save a place in class as well as to have your two words printed for you when you arrive.  

Please email twowordstory@aol.com with your name and words.

All profits will go to Divine Design, a women's ministry at CBC. Divine Design does home upgrade projects wherever called. See what they do: The Birdhouse or The Hangar.  Comment if you would like to see more!

See you in class!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Christmas in Action Team

Christmas in Action Before and After-Living Room

Before - white walls, lamp hanging on a chain in the corner.

 Faded prints on walls, wood/brass/glass end table

 Bookshelf so close to the sofa that the bottom shelves can't be used.

After - chocolate milk colored walls, end table painted glossy black and used for a coffee table, bookshelf moved where it can be accessed (it also holds piano music, so it is next to the piano), new art on the wall.

Sofa switched in front of window to take advantage of the light.

New switch plate!

New white door brightens the room.

Christmas in Action Before and After-Family Room

Before - dark panelling, white walls, more furniture than the room can handle.  

After - walls painted a soft green, a focal point made over the fireplace.


After - nice vignette made with great old photos, a repainted end table and a lamp to add light. 

Before - desk, broken and not functioning.

After - new desk with cubby unit and baskets that hide the office supplies.

The room got new and updated carpet during the day.  The addition of extra light, pillows on the sofa, a new chair and two stools with inner storage makes this a comfy room.

Working at the Site

 Oh yes. There was a lot going on at the house, inside and outside.

The most important person of the day, the homeowner. We enjoyed meeting her and her family. Her two brothers and her son were there for awhile. 

The fabulous team of nine women arrived at the work site by 8am and got right to work. We had a long list of projects to accomplish, and only nine hours in which to accomplish it. No problem.

Even when the carpet layers arrived and put us two hours behind schedule, attitudes were great.

The house is about 35 years old and I am not sure it has been painted since then. It had a very 70s look with lamps hanging by chains, mirrored doors, and panelling on the walls. It needed updating.

Assembling a new desk.

Giving 80s wood/brass and glass endtables a fresher look.

Inexpensive bins for the desk cubbies. They were really cheap but did not go with out color palette. Spray paint fixed that easily.

Lunch, supplied by Subway.  It is so nice to have someone take care of lunch so we can focus on work.

Look Mom, I painted!

Some guys came and installed a new front door. And then put big scratches on it.

Special light switch plate.

We bought some art and made the rest.  Go here for a walk through out art pieces.

Impromptu sing along...You are the Wind Beneath My Wings.