Sunday, May 1, 2011

Working at the Site

 Oh yes. There was a lot going on at the house, inside and outside.

The most important person of the day, the homeowner. We enjoyed meeting her and her family. Her two brothers and her son were there for awhile. 

The fabulous team of nine women arrived at the work site by 8am and got right to work. We had a long list of projects to accomplish, and only nine hours in which to accomplish it. No problem.

Even when the carpet layers arrived and put us two hours behind schedule, attitudes were great.

The house is about 35 years old and I am not sure it has been painted since then. It had a very 70s look with lamps hanging by chains, mirrored doors, and panelling on the walls. It needed updating.

Assembling a new desk.

Giving 80s wood/brass and glass endtables a fresher look.

Inexpensive bins for the desk cubbies. They were really cheap but did not go with out color palette. Spray paint fixed that easily.

Lunch, supplied by Subway.  It is so nice to have someone take care of lunch so we can focus on work.

Look Mom, I painted!

Some guys came and installed a new front door. And then put big scratches on it.

Special light switch plate.

We bought some art and made the rest.  Go here for a walk through out art pieces.

Impromptu sing along...You are the Wind Beneath My Wings.

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