Friday, August 19, 2011

First Step Before and After

The transformation!
The room was being used as a training room before we got there. All of the office furniture went away. We took out the carpet.  

That wall now has a doodle mural.

This door leads to the outside entryway and door. Anyone can come in, so when the residents moved into the facility, these windows and door got covered by plastic. Taped on. It did nothing to enhance the look of the new room.

But this morning, a super duper guy came and professionally installed this frosting on the glass.  So much better than plastic and tape.

There are two large windows on the front wall.  They have very nice shades that you can see through from the inside to the outside. You cannot see in from the outside. 

We added curtains, just for looks... and a bit of art.  Blue tones were chosen for the walls because the study of color psychology tells us that blues and greens are calming. Calming sounded good for a dining room for 50 people.

This door leads to the public spaces of the building, and the staff offices. When the residents moved in and the windows needed covering, we found construction paper taped over them. Functional, but not comfy.

Now those small side windows are frosted and painted.

This opens to a white board.

It is now a chalkboard. The menu of the day or week can be written on it.

This long wall backs up to the kitchen on the other side.

This long wall now has cupboards.  Dishes, cups, glasses and utensils are inside. The tops are aluminum. They will be used for serving food. Because they are on wheels, they can be used other places in the building, or to reconfigure the room for other purposes. The two left side cupboards are stocked with activities. The room will be used a s a family room/activity room when people are not eating in it. There are now plenty of games and books and art supplies to be used.

The wall has a gallery of art pieces...and rules.

Our prayer is that we left this space more functional and comfortable and that the families living there will gather and make a community.

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