Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Step Day 4

 Today was beautification day. That means the pieces are finished and we put it all together. When we worked in the room, it seemed huge. And it is. It is 900 square feet.  But as we put in tables and chairs for 50 people, it began to feel smaller and more crowded. So, our challenge is to make the space less institutional, more homey, comfortable, and functional, and arranged so it can be navigated by 50 people carrying food.

 Love these round tables. It was an exercise in geometry to get them through the door and into the room.

 Thirty cans of black beans turned into table centerpieces. Fabric and ribbons add color and a homey touch.

 It just happened to work out that there was a management staff meeting in the building this morning. When they were finished, they came in to the dining room to see what we had done. The big reveal! This is a big part of the payoff for us. To see their faces, hear their comments, and even see some tears was a blessing to us. They like it, they really like it!  :)

 Later in the afternoon, we had a bead soup/dessert party with the residents of the shelter and some of the staff. Women from church volunteered desserts.

 We could have opened a bakery. We had homemade baked goods to die for. 

 Folks from church also donated items for us to fill the activity cupboard. Not only did they fill a cupboard, they filled TWO cupboards. Nearly one whole cupboard-ful was donated by the art students of Plymouth Christian Academy. High school students, amazing kids! When the residents are not using the room as a dining room, it will be an activity center. They now have games, books, some art materials, coloring books, and puzzles to keep them occupied.

The ladies definitely enjoyed bead soup. And it gave us a chance to visit with them. Most were pretty reserved. And it is no wonder. We heard some very frightening stories about violence. Most of us have never had to worry about being safe. These women have had their hair ripped out, bones broken, and shotguns pointed at them by their husbands. 

So, in the end, we definitely provided some encouragement to the staff, who have huge hearts for these women and their issues. We pray that we were also able to offer some encouragement to the residents of the shelter. There is no doubt that we, Divine Design, have been encouraged and blessed.

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  1. Tears. So special. Great job all of you!!!!