Monday, August 15, 2011

First Step Day 1

 Day 1 and we made a great start!  

We began the day by asking Ilene, a staffer at First Step, to tell us all about the organization and the families that live there. She really has a heart for these women and children, and she was very inspiring to us.
 Up came the carpet. it got rolled up and stored for offices in another location.

 And the beast! It took us awhile to master this floor sander. It had a mind of its own. We rented it to sand the adhesive off the cement. We have previous experience with scraping a floor and it is not a happy memory. So the sander. It took much less time than scraping...once we figure out how to rein that machine in!

 Sue took care of us today. She made us lunch and made sure we had enough drinks and snacks. Oh yeah, hot fudge sundaes! It is so wonderful to know we don't have to think one thought about that stuff and that she will take care of us so well.

 The amazing team built six big kitchen cabinets today.  They were a cabinet building machine!


It was a blessing sitting down to a meal that had been prepared for us, and having time to get to know two of the staff members a little.

Tomorrow, we paint walls and lay a floor!

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