Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Step: VIPs

Lottie joined us for a day when asked at the last minute to help us get the floor finished and meet our goal. 

 Marie fed us two days. We are still taking about her salads in jars.  So creative...and delicious.

 We called Kris "the beast" because she is just unstoppable. She wrestled the floor sander for hours and did not stop laying tile until she put the last tile into place.

 Dawn saved the centerpieces when the cans rusted and it came through the fabric. She also took on the job of trash removal, and it was constant.

 LeeAnne, women's ministries director at CBC, our home church, kept one eye on us through the whole process and continually prayed for us.

 Ladies from our church really came through by baking us homemade desserts for our bead soup party. ..more than we hoped for or expected.

Bridget fed us Tuesday with the best chicken salad we ever ate. She also made cupcakes and a chocolate layer cake for the party. She put in some serious baking time!

 Sue took care of us all week, making sure we had things we needed and wanted. She worked tirelessly in the background and everything magically appeared!

Kathy is the energizer bunny. She sees something that needs to be done, and she does it.

 Veronica spent hours organizing the donations we received for the activities cabinet. She wanted it to be easy to access and stored so it made sense to someone opening the doors.

 Ilene is the volunteer coordinator at First Step. She was our "go-to" person for the project. Her excitement was contagious.

 Ailsa is not comfortable with even small heights. But, she saw that we were pushing to get the room painted by our deadline, and she perched on top of the ladder to help cut in at the ceiling.

 Management at First Step. We spent some time talking to them...well, actually asking lots of questions about the facility and why it is needed. They have huge hearts for abused women. You could read the compassion on their faces.

 The girls of the junior class at Plymouth Christian Academy in Canton. They pitched in and donated art supplies and activity items for the cabinet.  

 Kathy did the majority of the painting. While the rest of us broke off to tend to other details, she kept painting until it was finished.

 Tami braved the floor sander first thing. It had a mind of its own, but she did not give up until she conquered it.

We had problems getting the flooring on time, but the store owner managed to get it and send it directly to the jobsite. A young man showed up and carried in 21 very heavy boxes. Then he refused the money I tried to give him.

 The women residents of First Step came to our bead soup party. They made bracelets and ate desserts. It took a bit for them to warm up to us, but eventually, they opened to us and began to smile and chat.

So many more people were a part of this project: our families, those who supported it financially, those who prayed for us, those who donated items for the activity cabinet, those who came to bead soup parties , and everyone who encouraged us with their interest, great advice, and emotional support.

The biggest encouragement of all was watching the way God called each if us to our specific parts, and the way He was obeyed and the parts all came together.

Because of each and every one of you, the project was a success.  Thank you!

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  1. What a pleasure to work with each of you and to see Christ hands and feet at work for these amazing survivors of domestic violence. Thanks for making this week so special.